The Windows' snap feature can facilitate multi-tasking on large display monitors by allowing you to quickly "snap" application windows to opposite sides of your screen.

Step 1: Choose the window you want to snap to one half of the screen, then using the mouse, drag that window to the desired edge, making sure your mouse pointer touches either the left or right edge of the screen.  

In the image below, the window containing a Word document has been dragged to the right edge of the screen.

Step 2: A translucent outline of where it will snap to will appear on the screen. Once the mouse pointer is released the window will be snapped to that position. Alternatively, pressing and holding the Windows Key while pressing the directional Arrow Key (left or right) will snap the window in that direction. 

The image below shows how the window containing the Word document has been snapped to the right side of the screen.

Step 3: If other applications are opened when you snap your chosen window, you’ll be presented with a number of options for the window which will fill the other half of the screen.  Click on one, and it will automatically snap into place on the opposite side.  

In the image below, the window containing the Excel document was chosen and has been snapped to the left side of the screen.

Once you’ve placed your windows, you can easily resize them by dragging the divider at the center of the screen.